Underarm Care

Bloomin' Axilla is a non-dependency forming, highly effective, natural deodorant. Infused with probiotics, it was designed to support the underarm ecosystem and aid you in re-establishing your natural balance. Subtle scents are pleasant at application and gently dosed to minimize microbial disruption. Calendula grown without pesticide, herbicide or fertilizers in a regenerative system is hand picked right here in Revelstoke, BC. Other ingredients are carefully chosen to support fair trade, organic and regenerative care.

Packaging- 100% Microbial Feast

In efforts to support different user preferences Bloomin' Axilla is packaged in three eco-friendly application options, package free cubes, refillable push-up tubes, and corn husk wrapped refills.

All packaging has been carefully chosen to become a microbial feast right in your backyard - once you're sure it's all used up! It consists of paperboard tubes, bioplastic labels from tree pulp, organic corn husks, Recycled paper and vegetable ink, all carbon rich sources of fungal food that can help us build and support a healthy soil food web. When composted and tended regeneratively, these materials can stay in the earth and enrich our land long term. Compostable, organic packaging is a great way to participate in life's cycles and leave an eco- footprint you can be proud of!

Intersectional Environmentalism

My name is Jamie Kraus and I am the creator of Bloomin' Axilla. What began as a personal journey focused on my own underarm challenges and has evolved into an intersectional environmental project. Daily connections with raw materials growing right here in Revelstoke BC, have lead me to question colonial representation of land stewardship and to seek the wisdom of the original caretakers (Indigenous) of the land.

I am striving to have a positive human and ecological impact with my choices. I am committed to being part of a social and ecological change by helping build a supply chain using ethical and exploitation free ingredients. The search for raw materials that meet this criteria holds me close to home where transparency is possible. Growing a few key raw materials, calendula and lavender from westcoastseeds, was my first step and the beginnings of a pollinator paradise. Manufacturing of Bloomin' Axilla begins in my garden, with a nurturing exchange and the acknowledgment that my actions are natural, I am part of nature, and all humans are part of nature. I see the microscopic connection between healthy soil, healthy humans and healthy body systems. I am grateful to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) for sharing their rich cultural history of land stewardship and am actively working to make amends for all wounded by systemic racism. Decolonizing myself and my business is amongst my top priorities. Addressing social inequities and systematic racism will ultimately lead us forward on a path of ecological restoration.

I am a guest on the ancestral, and unceded təmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland) of the Sinixt. I am mindful of their sustained presence here. Learning the story of this place, I move forward with an open heart, and intentions of listening, learning and taking just and relevant action to facilitate the healing of the land and the people.

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