Healthy PEETS, People, Planet

ALL humans should have access to healthy, eco-friendly hygiene products. What if we could provide these products, free of charge, to people systematically excluded from the sustainability movement? The high cost of eco-friendly products, including organic food has made words like "organic" and "sustainable" exclusive, furthering divisiveness in communities and damaging the planet. The journey of ecological restoration begins with the simple act of caring for each other.

The goal of Healthy Pits, People, Planet is to improve access to healthy, eco-friendly products by making product available at the foodbank and other distribution centers. This project is funded by Bloomin' Axilla enthusiasts, Bloomin' Axilla (4% of every sale) and participating wholesale clients.

Are you a Bloomin' Axilla enthusiast and would like to participate?

Contributions will be used to provide product to distribution centers at a reduced rate:

$1 - sample size - (perfect for the cautious first timer)

$2.50 - package free cube

$5 - 3 x sample size (perfect for the cautious first timer) + 1 cube

$6.00- 1/2 eco-push tube

12.00 - 1 eco-push tube

To participate contact

Revelstoke Stockists

Mountain Goodness

 Forage & Fill

 Revelstoke Pharmacy


Kimberley Stockists

Sprout Health Market



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